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Please note: Sales posts are not allowed in this community.
If you make a sales post, you will be banned. Period.

Welcome to the one and only original Handbag Fetish community! If you are new to this community, please take a moment to review the community rules below. The purpose of this community is to share our love for handbags of all shapes, sizes, and brands.

What handbags do you love? Do you prefer to show off with designer logos, or would you rather chill and carry a vintage find from a thrift shop, something you got on sale, or something you made yourself?

Show off your favorites and share your handbag lust!

IMPORTANT! Please read and abide by the community rules:

Sales posts are not allowed in this community.
You may not make posts attempting to sell or purchase a bag through this community.

You may post links to Ebay auctions or sites outside of LJ. You may do this twice per month. If you do it more often, your post will be deleted.

If you post something for sale or purchase, your post will be deleted and you will be banned. This community is not the place for handbag sales.

You may not promote any other communities, on or off LJ.

Please be respectful to each other.
It's okay to have strong opinions and to disagree with each other, but please refrain from insults and nasty comments. Inappropriate posts will be deleted.

Please remember that handbags are fun, but nobody is better than anyone else because of the handbag she carries. Let's keep snobbery to a minimum. We're all friends here, and everybody should feel welcome in our community.

Stay on topic.
If your post starts with something like "I know this isn't related to handbags but..." don't post it. This is a busy community and people are here because they want to discuss handbags, not anything else.

If you're not sure where to post something, please read this post that offers guidelines on what to post where.

Please do not disable comments when you post or post entries on future dates. Any posts with disabled comments or that are dated for the future will be deleted. Disabling comments is never necessary and begs for drama, and future-dating posts is annoying and messes up the calendar.

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