M is for Marvelous (aznstarlette) wrote in handbag_fetish,
M is for Marvelous

I just need some clarification, please.

I came upon this site, BagDesigns.net. They clearly sell knock-offs and make no secret of it.

In the FAQ section they attempt to answer the "What is an Inspired Designer Bag?" question.

I thought that the bags sold by ShopSueyBoutique.com were "inspired" because it's not marked with designer logos and is not sold as such. The site stated above does have marked handbags (such as Chloe or Marc Jacobs, etc) but they claim to be "inspired". They state that they're not affiliated with designers nor do they claim to be authentic, BUT isn't stamping the logo on a bag an infringement...? One is legal and the other is not, so I just wanted some clarification. Thanks!

[This is not a fake/replica/inspired vs. authentic debate, so please leave that out. This is an honest question.]

  • Продается сумка

    под формат А4 , 2 отделения + карман, ремень регулируется по длине. стоит 8000 р.

  • (no subject)

    ПРОДАЕТСЯ Сумка 26 х 21 х 9 см, 2 отделения + 2 кармана, ремень регулируется по длине стоит 8000 р.

  • Продается сумка "Готик"

    а это процесс Продается сумка Под А4 формат, 2 отделения + карман, ремень регулируется по длине стоит 9500р.

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